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Our pearl farming was begun in the period of grandfather’s generation. This Pearl Farm was located in Sapam Bay, Phuket.



In the generation of father, several of oysters for pearl farming were collected from other provinces due to the reduction of the oysters in Phuket. Moreover, we faced the problem of culturing pearl due to the increase of the dead oysters. With these problems, it had decelerated the farming progress.



Under the supervision of Mr. Amorn Intorncharoen (the third generation) had developed the pearl cultured farm to the succession and also transformed the plain pearl beads into the jewellery products.

In this period, the household production is developed into the complete factory system, where researches had been done with governmental institutions.



Researched and studied on Spherical pearl or Round pearl. The products were success and could be harvest in the first year.



From the household production alike was developed into a company of Phuket Pearl Industry Co.,Ltd. and form the complete pearls and gems business.



Developed into the full service investment includes pearl farming, production factory and showroom.



Success in invented Rather Round Pearl (R.R.P.) and had been registered with the Department of Intellectual Property as a trading secret.

Began to form the Pearl of Phuket Co.,Ltd to seperate the sale sector apart from other. Whereas, the Phuket Pearl Industry Co.,Ltd. focus on the sector of pearl farming, production and quality control.



Bring the company to the world international standard through the ISO 9001:2000 as the first pearl’s industry in Thailand.



Appointed Mr. Jitti Intorncharoen as the manager of the Phuket Pearl Industry Co.,Ltd., he continued to apply the managing system in the company.

Also, presented the report of the first Rather Round Pearl of the farm to Her Majesty Princess Sirinthorn. As well be a representative of Phuket in ASEAN Project on the Protection of Intellectual Property Right (ECAP II)



The Pearl Co.,Ltd. had established for better focus on the design of the products.

The company had been participated in jewelry design competition and was selected as one of the four finalists in the GIT GEM & JEWELRY DESIGN AWARD 2008 by the Gem and Jewelry National Institute.



Phuket Pearl Industry Co.Ltd. had been nominated for Outstanding National Farmer Award in the field of Brackish Water Aquaculture from His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn.

The company also had been selected in the GIT GEM & JEWELRY DESIGN AWARD 2009 under the concept of “Thai Explosion Passion of Thai Design”.

The company had been awarded for the National SME excellence award in the category of Accessory and Jewelry.



The AMORN brand is established along with the concept of “The Glamour of Immortality” to represent the higher standard of the luxury product to the worldwide.

Within this year, Phuket Pearl had won the competition of the GIT GEM & JEWELRY DESIGN AWARD 2011 under the concept of “The Mega Project-Jewelry Design Inspired by Architectural Concept”.

The company also had been rewarded as the Best National Industry of Thailand.



AMORN was proud to be appointed as the designer and making the crown for MISS WORLD SINGAPORE 2012. With our experience more than 40 years, we created a master piece with the usage of the most valuable pearls of brand AMORN.

The company had been awarded for Prime minister’s Industry Award of 2012, under the category of Quality Management from the Thai Ministry of Industry.



AMORN was selected to design and make the crown for MISS THAILAND WORLD beauty pageant and also the crown for MISS WORLD SWITZERLAND 2013. These crowns are engaged with the high quality pearls.

Also, the company had been awarded for the National SME excellence award 2011 in the category of Accessory and Jewelry.

Company earned the IP Champion Awarded from Department of Intellectual Property and another award for Quality persons 2013 of fashion business category from Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand.



AMORN got another good opportunity in design and produce the crown for MISS THAILAND WORLD 2014 under the concept of “Queen of the Seven Seas”. These crowns were engaged with the Blue Ocean pearls, which is Mabe pearl from the farm with the distinct colour of glaucous-blue along with the luster of iridescent that specially selected for Miss Thailand World crown.



AMORN was proud to design and create the master piece of crown for MISS MYANMAR WORLD 2015 under the concept of “The Soul of the Golden Spirit”.

As well as design and produce the crown for MISS THAILAND WORLD 2015 with the elegance concept of “the Flora the Andaman”.